Latest version: v0.1.12

Previous versions can be found here.


On console

You need a homebrewed Wii (any variant) or vWii with the Homebrew Channel. Simply extract the MKW-SP zip to the root of your SD card.

If you don’t have the Homebrew Channel yet, we recommend:

On Dolphin

You need a recent version of Dolphin. Simply add the mkw-sp folder to one of your game list paths and tick “Search subfolders”.

Software licenses

MKW-SP: Expat License

arith64: The Unlicense

FatFs: BSD 1-Clause License

libhydrogen: ISC License

LZMA SDK: public domain

magic_enum: Expat License

nanopb: zlib License

TJpgDec: BSD 1-Clause License