Version 0.1.1 of Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack has been released. It’s a minor release containing various bugfixes and improvements listed below. It can be downloaded here (the Riivolution XML has changed and must be replaced). Future 0.1.x releases are expected to be smaller and more frequent.

File management

  • The 12 character limit for ghost files has been removed. [stebler]
  • On console, CTGP ghosts will be listed automatically. [stebler]
  • Differential patching (_Dif files) is now supported for every szs archive. [stebler]
  • The game no longer crashes when using _Dif files on top of certain archives. [stebler]


  • Translations for MKW-SP-specific strings have been added. [MK Translation Project, see here for the list of authors]
  • Dutch has been added (for both the base game and MKW-SP-specific). [MK Translation Project]
  • All languages are now supported on all versions of the game. For now only Korean uses the Korean font. [stebler]
  • The speedometer label graphic has been translated into 4 languages. [Syara]


  • The character animations are now correctly applied (and unlike in live view, also for the non-spectated ghost). [stebler]
  • The camera no longer wrongly follows the player when falling out-of-bounds or in cannons. [stebler]
  • A bug where the UI overlay was shown when a non-spectated ghost was falling out-of-bounds has been fixed. [stebler, riidefi]
  • An option to remove leading zeros from ghost tags when using the finish time has been added. [riidefi]
  • Several crashes and freezes when going back to the menu have been fixed. [stebler, Seeky]
  • The first 4 ghosts no longer desync due to the cones on Daisy Circuit. A fix is in the works to extend that limit. [stebler]
  • Lakitu now follows the spectated ghost. [stebler]
  • Sound is now configured in multi-ghost, with a new rule to choose between enabling sound for all ghosts, spectated only or none. [stebler]
  • An license setting for instant menu transitions has been added. [riidefi]
  • A button to change the license settings in the middle of a race or a replay has been added. [riidefi]
  • A button to change the ghost selection has been added. [stebler]
  • It is now possible to restart in more gamemodes, and also during the countdown. [stebler]
  • Various improvements to the pause menus have been added. [stebler]
  • It is now possible to access time trials even if savegame initialization failed. [stebler]
  • The VS engine class shown has been corrected to handle 200cc. [stebler]
  • A bug where the “About” button on the license selection UI wasn’t selectable has been fixed. [stebler]


  • An input display has been implemented. It supports split-screen and 200cc. [riidefi]
  • The speedometer now shows the correct speed in cannons, and applies the hard speed limit of 120/180 otherwise. [stebler]
  • The Mii heads on minimap option has been disabled in split-screen (was previously showing random Miis). [stebler]


  • GitHub Actions have been configured, which means that a build is generated on every proposed change, making life easier for both developers and testers. [Lami]
  • Courses can now load faster on Dolphin if the host CPU and storage are fast enough. [riidefi]
  • Colored minimaps are now supported for race tracks. [riidefi]
  • Support for USB keyboard has been added to perform certain actions via commands. For now this only works on Dolphin on Windows. [riidefi]
  • The gecko code check has been improved to work on console and the warning has been clarified. Note that support will only get worse when memory protection is implemented. [Star, stebler]
  • The shroom strategy is now saved in the MKW-SP ghost header. [stebler]
  • The project has been renamed to “Service Pack”, which as some of you have guessed is inspired by Microsoft Windows and was the intent since the start (Support Packages also exist in computing but are not quite the same thing). [stebler, Zach]