Version 0.1.2 of Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack has been released. It’s a minor release containing various bugfixes (including a major one) and improvements listed below. It can be downloaded here.

Robustness and security

  • A critical corruption bug in YAZ1 compression used when saving ghost files has been fixed. For a ghost to be affected by it, the size of the compressed inputs has to be at least 4096 bytes. [stebler]
  • Protection of most of the read-only parts of the main.dol and StaticR.rel has been implemented. This uses the MI interface which can prevent writes not only from the CPU but also from some external devices. This only works on console and will break Gecko codes even more. [Star]
  • Because of its incompatibility with memory protection, the copy filter patch which could increase image sharpness on console has been temporarily removed. A rewrite is planned. [stebler]
  • The exception handler has been revamped. It will now be displayed on the screen on console and show MKW-SP specific information. [riidefi, Star]
  • A custom screen that will show up on some common crashes in custom tracks and display suggested fixes has been added. [riidefi]
  • A crash occurring during the demo sequence on the title screen has been fixed. [stebler]


  • Japanese, Korean and Dutch translations for MKW-SP strings have been updated. [MK Translation Project]
  • Menu transitions will fade to black again. [riidefi]