Version 0.1.5 of Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack has been released. It’s a minor release containing various new features, improvements and bugfixes. It can be downloaded here.

If upgrading from an older version, you can follow the standard instructions. The mkw-sp/disc folder and mkw-sp/save.bin file can be safely removed.

New application

  • MKW-SP no longer uses Riivolution, and is instead available as a standalone application that can be launched from the Homebrew Channel. [stebler, vabold, riidefi, Palapeli]
  • USB 2.0 is now supported (via IOS58). [stebler]
  • NTSC-K is now supported on console (NTSC-K consoles only for now). [stebler]
  • The settings system has been completely rewritten and is now in a human-readable (and writable) ini format. [riidefi, stebler]
  • An MKW-SP channel can now be installed to the Wii Menu. It functions as a shortcut. [stebler, Palapeli, Zach]
  • MKW-SP can now be updated in-game. [stebler, Star, Palapeli, Zach]
  • The channel installer and the updater, as well as the version information, can now be accessed via a new Service Pack menu. [stebler]

Time Trials

  • The wheelie particle effect has been fixed with multi-ghost. [stebler]
  • The bug where the wrong race end animation was played in multi-ghost has been fixed. [stebler]
  • Dynamic ghost transparency now works for all vehicle parts. [stebler]
  • Invisible Lakitus are now muted. [stebler]


  • YAZ compression speed has been improved. [obluda3]
  • The initial ghost listing now happens in the background. [stebler]
  • Memory usage of font archives has been reduced. [stebler]
  • Archives can now be read and decompressed concurrently. [stebler]
  • The LZMA compression format is now supported aside from YAZ. All MKW-SP compressed files use it. [stebler]
  • Tracks can now be loaded in the menu in time trials mode. [stebler]
  • Dolphin clock overrides are now used in more cases and no longer produce sound glitches. [stebler]
  • The ghost count limit has been increased to 4096 (in total and per track). [stebler]


  • The copy filter patch has been brought back (sharper image on progressive modes). [SwareJonge, stebler]
  • A BRRES anti-flicker has been added. [riidefi]
  • The loading screen color is now a hidden setting (black by default). [riidefi]


  • The layout of the input display has been improved. [LydeumZ]
  • The position tracker can now be shown in time trials. [stebler]
  • The HUD labels setting has been made dynamic. [stebler]


  • Memory write-protection has been added to the remaining sections. [Star]
  • ASLR is now applied to thread stacks. [Star]
  • Code execution has been disabled in MEM2 and the top of MEM1. [Star]
  • Stack canaries have been added, both for game functions and for MKW-SP ones. [Star]


  • A Minecraft-like console is now available. It has to be used with GameCube keyboard controllers only for now. [riidefi]
  • Crash reports now contain more details. [Star, riidefi]

Staging area

These features are part of the release but aren’t user-friendly in their current state.

  • A way to replace files from a server on the local network has been added, akin to RiiFS. [riidefi]
  • It is now possible to replace BRSAR subfiles independently from each other. [stebler]
  • Multiple My Stuff folders are now supported at once. [stebler]