Version 0.1.9 of Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack has been released. It’s a minor release containing various bugfixes and improvements listed below. It can be installed from the in-game updater or downloaded from here.


  • A performance overlay showing CPU, GPU and memory usage has been added. You can see it in action in this video.
  • On Dolphin 5.0-17155 and later, MKW-SP can now configure a custom Discord status. [riidefi, IPG]
  • The GCN rumble setting has been added back. [stebler]
  • A tag count setting has been added. Any value between 0 and 12 can be selected. [stebler]


  • The sound archive subfile replacement (SASR) has been completely rewritten and now works per sound id rather than per file id (the documentation can be found here). [stebler]
  • Thanks to the above change and a scheduling regression being fixed, loading times have been drastically reduced. [stebler]
  • If no storage device is found, MKW-SP will try again for 30 seconds. At that point, it will try to return to the loader (Wii Menu/HBC/close the window on Dolphin). [stebler, Palapeli, Star]
  • The “SPEED” HUD label has been translated to German. [Syara]
  • Dutch base game translations have been updated. [Krummers]
  • Setting names can now have a line break if they are too long. The box size has also been increased. [stebler]


  • The “Race” and “Watch” buttons under the ghost list are now correctly positioned in 16:9. [stebler]
  • The result screen music now plays at the normal speed even when final lap dynamic speedup is enabled. [stebler]
  • An off-by-one error in the exception handler has been fixed. [Star]