Version 0.1.10 of Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack has been released. It’s a minor release containing various bugfixes and improvements listed below. It can be installed from the in-game updater or downloaded from here.


  • The collision model (KCL) can now be displayed as an overlay or in place of the regular course model. [riidefi]
  • Checkpoints can now be displayed as an overlay. [riidefi]
  • A thumbnail generator has been implemented. [stebler]

Team mode and battle improvements

  • VS races and battles can now be played with up to 6 teams. [stebler, Gnome!, Palapeli]
  • The team size can also be randomized. [Unnamed]
  • Friendly fire has been added. [stebler]
  • FFA is now available in battle. [stebler]
  • A vivid and a colorblind palette can be chosen from for team colors. [stebler]
  • In battle mode, the scores are now displayed on the minimap. [stebler]
  • In single player, the HUD timer can now be configured to use the team color. [stebler]

Time trials

  • Mirror mode is now available in time trials. [Henry]
  • The time diff feature uses the right ghost again. [stebler]


  • The course/stage selection UI has been redesigned. Inspiration was taken from this concept by dora. This change was made with course extension in mind. [stebler, vabold]
  • In split-screen, multiple players can now select the same character. [Palapeli]
  • Support for Extended Regions has been added. [Zach]
  • Support for various speedometer metrics has been added. [Gaberboo, Gnome!, stebler]
  • The setting to disable the minimap has been added. [Henry]
  • The number of tags now defaults to 3. [MikeIsAStar]
  • A setting for the tag render distance (“battle glitch”) has been added. [MikeIsAStar]
  • Explanation texts can now have a second line. [Wingcapman]
  • D-pad input is no longer flipped in mirror mode. [Gnome!]
  • The color of the OK text when selecting characters in multiplayer has been fixed. [stebler]
  • A missing button in the battle pause menu has been added. [stebler]


  • The master volume and music volume can now be configured. [stebler]
  • A lag spike issue when loading a BRSTM has been fixed. [stebler]
  • An issue where the final lap jingle would not play if the speedup was disabled has been fixed. [stebler]


  • Options to force 60 or 30 fps have been added. [Gnome!]
  • An issue where the game would run at 50 fps rather than 60 has been fixed. [stebler]
  • The console is now displayed correctly in interlaced modes. [MikeIsAStar]

License system

  • Character, vehicle and course selections are now saved. [MikeIsAStar, stebler]
  • The license unlocker no longer breaks if the Mii of a license has been deleted. [stebler, vabold]


  • Memory protection has been improved. [MikeIsAStar, Gaberboo]
  • Memory allocation failure is now a fatal error. [MikeIsAStar]
  • The performance of some mitigations has been improved. [MikeIsAStar]
  • The vulnerability used by the BlueBomb exploit has been patched. [MikeIsAStar]
  • A stack overflow check has been implemented. [MikeIsAStar]
  • Additional file format checks have been added. [MikeIsAStar]
  • Certain functions are now erased. [MikeIsAStar]


  • A setting to use ZL (CC/CCP) or Y (GCN) to trick and wheelie, dubbed “simplified controls”, has been added. [stebler]
  • Several base game settings have been restored. [Zach, Gnome!, stebler]
  • Discord Rich Presence statuses are now more precise. [vabold, Gaberboo]
  • Explanations about disc changes on Dolphin have been added. [Lami, thepikachugamer]
  • Mega thunderclouds are now available as an option. [Hibyehello, Zach]
  • Multiple log files can now be kept in the logs folder. By default, they are deleted after one week, but this can be configured. [MikeIsAStar]
  • Crash handlers have been improved again. [MikeIsAStar, vabold, riidefi]
  • Certain standard library functions now use a more optimized version. [MikeIsAStar]
  • The author list in the HBC XML has been changed to a generic “The MKW-SP Developers”. This requires a manual update. [The MKW-SP Developers]