Version 0.1.12 of Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack has been released. It’s a minor release containing various bugfixes and improvements listed below. It can be installed from the in-game updater or downloaded from here.

Battle mode

  • A bug where a player could get points for hitting their teammates has been fixed. [stebler, Zach]
  • CPUs routes are now correctly initialized. [stebler, Zach]


  • Several minor crash screen improvements have been implemented. [riidefi, Star]
  • When saving a ghost for a My Stuff track, the folder name is no longer truncated. [stebler]
  • The game (hopefully) no longer randomly gets stuck on NTSC regions on Dolphin. [stebler, Gaberboo]
  • Different BMG message ids are used for course names, which avoids a typo in the Japanese locale. [stebler, Lemonade]