Over the last few weeks, several disputes broke out between MKW-SP community members. 2 days ago, all core contributors including myself were involved in a long and ugly argument. This was ultimately settled and most people have moved past that, but I was personally not really able to recover and am still stuck with a negative mindset toward the project.

I often tried to find compromises to get the best outcome for the project, but when it starts affecting me in my everyday life, I have to think about myself. Thus I have decided to leave MKW-SP development.

The future of the project is still a bit unclear, but I will do my best so that it can continue without me. The same applies to the Discord guild and to the infrastructure.

I haven’t decided if I will continue to write code for Mario Kart Wii, but if I do, this will no longer be in a community setting.

I apologize for failing to meet most of the goals I had for MKW-SP, although I hope that it can live on even without me.

I’d also like to thank everyone involved in MKW-SP for all the contributions, large or small, which are well beyond my expectations, and for making it something truly special for a long time.